That Trigonometry Diagram Again

Since I started this blog, one recurring goal has been to explore ways to visualize mathematical ideas.  In that spirit,  I spent a few posts talking about this diagram here:post25pic4

These three posts discuss the development of this diagram:

Also Better With Pictures — The Trigonometry Ratios

Picturing the Trigonometric Ratios: Step-by-step

Trig Pictures, Part III

Whenever I show this diagram to students, they seem actually excited to discover the meaning and reasons behind so much trigonometry that they had previously just memorized.  It makes me believe that it would be helpful if this diagram was displayed in every room where trigonometry is introduced.  And now it can be!  I tidied up the graphics and made it into a poster.

trig poster 6

Here it is, available to download, in two convenient sizes:

For your notebook (8.5″ x 11″)  Trig Diagram Notebook-sized

For your wall (22″ x 28″ ) Trig Diagram Poster-Sized

Also, I recently gave a workshop about this. You can see the slides here.


UPDATE 11/1/2017 My obsession continues…now you can see an animated version.  I made this in Desmos.  You can see it here:

Now, how do I get THAT on a t-shirt?