Getting Back to Work

And an early review of my book!

I admit that my blogging efforts have been side-tracked for a while.  All of the posts since last summer have really been directed at my AP Physics students to give them a quick intro to the calculus we will be using this year.  That course is well under way.  And they are a fine bunch of students, doing quite well.  Also, many of them are now at the point in their calculus classes where they no longer need my help.

I will eventually add one more post about using anti-derivatives to find areas, but for now, I am eager to get back to the topics that originally motivated this blog.  I want to write about ideas that didn’t quite fit into my book but that would still fit the overall theme of a first course in algebra.  And I want to discuss questions that come up as people read my book.  The book is now available,as you may have guessed from the subtle ads on the right.   And I am hoping readers will ask questions, make comments, offer suggestions. You can email me or use the “Questions” tab above.  I’ve already received some very interesting feedback which I will discuss in the next post.  But for now, I just want to share the first review.  Boy, it’s a good one!

Zach note

Thank you Zach!